E-mail Servers

Our high availability backup mail servers receive your emails in the event that a message has difficulty being delivered to your own server due to temporary network outages or server maintenance.

All you have to do is change your MX records to our DNS zone, and ensure that mail sent to your organization is never lost or delayed. In the event that your primary mail server is not available for any reason, all mail is automatically sent to one of our backup servers instead. Our systems will automatically forward any stored mail to you as soon as we detect your server is back on-line.

Never miss again an important order or inquiry!
You can protect your mail for as little as €64.99 per year including vat.

Summary of benefits

– High availability mail servers for you to use
– All email is scanned for viruses
– Spam filters to help prevent unwanted mail as standard

– Default storage of mail for 10 days
– Seamless operation, fully automatic forwarding of mail
– In the event of an outage at your site, clients will be unaware of the problem.

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