Nicosia Data Center Colocation
All Colocation servers are stored in locked cabinets and access to the machine
rooms is strictly controlled by electronic swipe cards. 24hr on-site security staff and CCTV systems ensure no unauthorised personnel can access your servers.

The temperature and humidity in our colocation data centre is monitored 24 hours a day and is serviced by redundant, high capacity climate control systems.

All our network equipment is redundant, for maximum uptime. In the event of a failure in any one device the redundant hot-spare takes over automatically within seconds.

You provide the server, we provide everything else – rack space, connection to the Internet, IP addresses, switchable power supply, backups, primary and secondary DNS, email; quite simply anything that is needed. It is your responsibility to run the server or assign us to take care of it at a low monthly fee.

Our Nicosia Data Center offers the flexibly to choose which functions to outsource and which to handle themselves. We provide you not only with colocation space, but a fully outsourced IT Services.