Online Backup – Cloud Storage Solutions

Cloud Storage provide you with safe and convenient online storage for your data and we keep them safe at a German data center with replication and snapshots.
You can use it like an additional storage drive that you can conveniently access from your home PC, office etc…
We use various standard protocols like Samba/CIFS with encryption and FTPS

FLEXIBLE ACCESS (Map as a drive on your pc)

You can use various access protocols such as FTP, SFTP, SCP, and RSYNC so that you can easily and securely access your Storage Box. You can even integrate your Storage Box into your own file system via Webdav or Samba.

No minimum contract period

Pricing – Starting at €200 +vat Yearly – Min 100GB

Additional storage
€0.10 +vat per GB

ownCloud or Nextcloud
Access your data at any time and from any place.

With ownCloud or Nextcloud, we provide you with a simple and transparent storage solution for your sensitive data. And it’s easy for people with little technical knowledge to use! You can easily save, edit, and share your data with just a few clicks. In addition, you can automatically sync files from your local storage devices with your ownCloud or Nextcloud account.
And you have complete control over your data, which is stored in EU data centers.

No minimum contract period

Unlimited users

Pricing – Starting at €150 +vat Yearly – Min 100GB

Additional storage
€0.10 +vat per GB

Your own ownCloud vps – CALL us or email