Through strategic partnership with BLEND Digital Agency and BitNinja we offer:

BLEND Digital Agency  

Mobile apps Development.

Need a mobile app for Android and iOS ? Our development experts will help you build the mobile app you are dreaming by using Hybrid development which gives the best results.

SEO Services

Poor website raking in search engines limits your exposure to the market and your websites profitability. Using a well designed and developed SEO strategy we can make sure that your website will have a spot in the spotlight of search engines and will give you the best available outcomes.

Ad Campaigns

Online advertising can help your company reach more potential customers and increased profits. In order to create the best campaign strategy you will need our highly motivated and experienced digital partners. You are in need of social media advertising or even a more targeted approach of advertising? Our main aim is to assist you in any way possible to effectively reach your goals.

 Email Marketing Automation

 Keeping touch with your audience is vital for organizations and Email marketing in association with the correct processes and tools can help keep  your audience engaged either for offers or newsletters. Our group of experts can help you design all associated processes regarding email marketing automation.


BITNINJA Server Security

We are happy to announce our brand new partner, BitNinja. We chose them because they are a new comet in the field of server defence, with an all-in-one security suite and because your servers/websites’ and business’s security is of the utmost importance for us. As of today, BitNinja is available from our company as well.

What is BitNinja?

BitNinja is an easy-to-use server security tool powered by a crowd-based security network. All members empower each other with collected attack information, so the defence shield becomes stronger with every single attack.

This cool technology is the result of 12 years of fighting against the increasing problem of cybercrime and hackers. There are already 1500 BitNinja protected servers all over the world and they block more than 3,000,000 attacks every day.

As these numbers increase, the protection becomes more and more stronger.

What consequences you can avoid by using BitNinja?

Data theft
Website deletion
Server timeout
Password theft
Account hacks and more!
Moreover, there is a 7-day-long free trial with full functionality and without liability. During this period, you can test the software and see how it works on your server.

If you require more information about the software, do not hesitate to contact us with your concerns or questions. If you would like to enhance your servers’ security, we confidently recommend this software for you.