SiGROW is our Business Trademark.
Synergies for Intelligent Growth.

Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. The term synergy comes from the Greek word synergia meaning working together. Utilizing the Synergetic Model of Intelligent Growth, SiGROW corporation brings together, everyone and everything needed to enhance development and efficiency in educational organizations.

SiGROW provides cutting edge services for educational organizations customized to their specific needs. Our carefully selected packages of services bring continuing education directly to teachers, giving them the tools they need to respond to their demanding roles. Head teachers and administrators can benefit from our comprehensive synergetic solutions that combine research, consulting and training and foster intelligent and sustainable growth for teachers, students and schools. Simply put, at SiGROW we make school a place where teachers are motivated and effective, students are happy and successful, parents are satisfied and head teachers are content.

Starting from a rigorous needs analysis, we provide tailored made solutions for every educational organization, kindergarten to secondary school. Stand-alone seminars, provided vis a vis or online, provide teachers with valuable insights into contemporary pedagogical methods. If extensive professional development is preferred, our residency programs bring our educators to schools for an extended period of time. Workshops and multiday seminars allow teachers to spend a focused day of professional learning with qualified instructors, and depart with renewed energy and practical classroom tools. Finally, our online opportunities (e-academy) give educators quality instruction at a time that works best with their busy schedules.

At the heart of our education philosophy lies academic rigor that embraces tradition and innovation in a synergy for excellence. Relying on a hand-picked selection of expert associates we are able to establish a foundation of the very best, tried and tested techniques that teachers have been successfully using for decades, while also embracing revolutionary techniques that nurture motivation and academic attainment.

SiGROW works with you, for you. 

SiGROW Consulting
SiGROW is committed to supporting educational organizations looking to transform education with a focus on reform-minded organizations that are committed to driving lasting, systemic change. We work with all types of public and private schools (preprimary, primary, secondary) even higher education institutes, who seek to support students with in-school and after school services, providing solutions for education reform focused on the maximum investment of human resources. SiGROW allies with these organizations to develop strategies and development plans, structure the organization for success, nurture relationships, working alongside our clients toward the shared goal of accelerating student achievement via effective instruction.

How SiGROW consulting works
Our consulting services are based on the synergetic model of action that works with you, for you, in order to develop the optimum strategy for customized growth in your organization. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with you to achieve transformational change. We help you develop and evaluate strategies that advance your mission creating strategies that align social impact with economic success.

In this framework we provide:
a) Custom based consulting: Developing strategies, growth plans and providing support for implementation that applies your resources to maximum potential.

b) Impact-focused evaluation: Creating evaluation systems and conducting evaluations to improve decision making and optimize performance. We are using evaluation to facilitate organization and community learning, make strategic decisions, and take informed action.

c) Cutting edge research: Developing and disseminating fresh insights, knowledge briefs, and practical tools to improve effectiveness, either on a departmental basis or for the organization as a whole. We design and conduct research that will provide answers to your own questions and offer actionable insights that will enable you to achieve greater impact. We provide consulting for attracting grant-funded research, production of publications and organization of seminars and conferences.

d) Advancing collective impact: Developing and supporting multi-stakeholder initiatives to align education systems and supporting community actors to improve your outcomes. Building cross-sector collaborations that unite all stakeholders and investors to achieve large-scale impact and to solve problems in powerful new ways.

Our consulting services in a nutshell:
• Consulting for Quality Management and Quality Assurance.
• Consulting for external accreditation (i.e ISO 9000, EFQM)
• Consulting for the development of research projects and securing external funding (i.e EU funded projects ERASMUS +, Horizon 2020)
• Tailored made Consulting for School Development Projects
• Tailored made consulting for Human Resource Management.

Our SiGROW website will be available soon.